Maine Hospitality Management LLC 

Maine Hospitality Management LLC 



Our success can be seen and measured as we consistently exceed these markers:

Within 24 months of assuming management and operation of a property we will complete a full renovation and repositioning to meet or exceed the standards of the following certification programs:

Green Key Certified (

Carbon Neutral Certified (

Eco-Lab Science Certified for Cleanliness (

To achieve the above certifications each property will feature technology and products that minimize contact points, provide futuristic amenities, and support the company's vision of being the leader in sustainable hospitality practices. Our preferred products may include the following or similar products to achieve our mission:

Google Nest Hub for Hospitality (

Phillips RoomFlex Guest Control System (

Phillips SiteWise for solar powered exterior lighting (

OAS Closed Loop Shower System by Orbital Systems (

If you have a product or service that would assist us in achieving our mission please send a detailed e-mail to for consideration. All submissions are reviewed and prioritized based upon our current needs. All submissions will be acknowledged within 30 days of submission. Thank you for your desire to be a partner in our sustainable hospitality movement.